Operating - Index

  bullet Operations Guidelines 
  bullet Radio Procedures
  Equine endurance Ride Tracking Manual (A4 size) 817KB
  bullet Readability & Signal Strength Codes
  bullet Equipment Checklist - a starting point to develop your own 
  bullet High Visibility (HiVis) Wear - WICEN Tasmania (South) Inc. standard

Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation (ACMA booklet 229KB)

Amateur Operating Procedures - ACMA
  bullet Frequencies (Frames support required)
  bullet WICEN Frequencies
  bullet WICEN 5MHz Land Mobile Channels - Use of
  bullet Tas. Amateur Repeaters - Map 
bullet Tas. Amateur Repeaters - Google Map - NTARC
  bullet Tas. UHF CB Repeaters - Map
  bullet Tas. Govt. Repeater Sites - Map (not comprehensive)
  Band Plans
  Australian Amateur Band Plans  - WIA Link ( 186KB)
  bullet VHF Hi Band 148 - 174 MHz