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2006 International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 2004 at Cape Bruny - AUS-024

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Let there be Light

Snow on the hills

The source of the cold wind

Looking East

Middle Station

Bruce VK7MBD with his power supply


VK7MBD Bruce's rig

'Avin a good time

VK7MBD and 'Essie' having fun

Car park Antennae

VK7TPE's longwire with friends

Showing the strain

OCF dipole

Showing the Strain

OCF dipole mast

Master of all he surveys - he wished

Chris VK7FCDW on his visit

From the Top

Sunday broadcast listeners

Spotting the Spotter

Looking up - just like the weather

Tuning Up

VK7ZZ on the MFJ AT300

Top Station

VK7ZZ John's station at the lighthouse

VK7ZZ Morning After

John in the warm after a blowy night

On the Job

VK7ZZ in action

Peace at last

VK7ARN at the wheel

Clowning Around

The posers FAME and ARN

Readying for Take Off

FRAE with one wheel down

On Close Watch

Keeper Andy VK7WS up close

Through the Lens

The Light

Why it's there


In the warm

Maureen & Rhonda between cuppas (for the rest of us)

So big

Not sure what TPE was describing

How the Other Half Live

ZZ trying a warmer seat