WICEN Capabilities

bulletNeed a communications network to control your event? bulletNeed safety checkpoints at several locations? bulletNeed to know how participants are going?

WICEN can help you

WICEN  has the expertise, equipment, infra-structure and spectrum licences to establish communication networks, from local, through state-wide and national to international.
WICEN Tasmania (South) Inc. is affiliated with the Wireless Institute of Australia. 
WICEN (Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network) was originally formed to provide communications support in emergencies. 
WICEN maintains this capability, though advances in government radio networks have reduced its application.
WICEN today more commonly provides radio communications for public events.
WICEN takes pride in its professional approach.
WICEN is a not for profit organisation.

A Resource for Event Managers


Our resources and expertise are under utilised.  We seek opportunities to serve at more events.


Mobile phones are great (where they work) for one to one communications. 
Radio has the huge advantage of simultaneous communication between several people in almost any location.

We do it for fun, but take a professional approach. bullet

There's no charge for our services, but contributions towards out of pocket expenses incurred on event are appreciated. bullet

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we might assist.

Please  Contact:        David Goodrick
                Phone:        0418 549 148