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How to get there

WARNING—The hut is in a remote area. Help is difficult to call and will take time to arrive. You should not be in the area without appropriate skills, or a skilled and knowledgeable  leader. You need suitable equipment and supplies.

We do all we can to promote your positive experience but cannot accept responsibility for any misfortune.

Before you go
If intending to stay overnight, you must book.  If you don't and a booked party arrives, they have every right to demand you leave.

There is an expectation that a payment will be made for use of the Hut either in dollars or in kind.  The current rate is (no matter the number in the group) $30 for one night and $50 for two or more nights.

The hut has four bunks that can accommodate two people each - if couples, friends or kids, plus one single bunk.  The bunks have vinyl covered foam mattresses. There's also a mattress that can go on the floor infront of the fire.

Four or five is the ideal number for eating at the table, space in the hut and cooking. Comfort and convenience drops off rapidly as numbers increase, especially for first time visitors.

Crockery and cutlery, billies, frypans and utensils are provided. A small gas stove is available (stored under single bunk) but you must take gas with you (see What to Take section).

There is a kitchen sink with hot and cold water (the fire needs to burn for some time before you have hot water). A tap tap lets cold water into the system, which drives hot water out. Watch out for boiling water spitting from the pipe!

Sanitation includes a 'long drop' toilet - with a view, up the steps behind the Hut. Use toilet paper economically and don't use 'wet wipes'. Do not use the toilet to dispose of anything that hasn't passed through an alimentary tract.

What to take
A printed copy of this guide
The best currently available map is the TASMAP 1:50,000 Lake Pieman which is also available as a digital download. See note re. wall map later.
Dishwash liquid and disinfectant
Dish cloth, sponge, pan scrub, tea towel.
Firelighters, dry newspaper and matches for firelighting
Candles and/or lantern, torches
Butane gas for the stove
Toilet paper
Bags suited to carrying out your rubbish
First aid kit
Mobile phone (Telstra) for emergencies - usually possible to get a weak signal suitable for SMS from on top of the mine dump opposite the hut. A better signal a few minutes back down the track
Camera. Consider taking a plant identification guide.
The hut is in the wettest part of Tasmania. Wear and take appropriate clothing and take a dry change.