Before you leave

Be sure to leave an entry in the log book with at least the date, names of those in your group, what you did, weather report, interesting  points about your visit etc.

The hut can go weeks without use in Winter. Things get very damp and mouldy quite quickly. Similarly, steel pots and implements will rust. All cooking equipment must be thoroughly washed and dried. Leave pots upside down.

Scrub the table using soapy water and disinfectant and leave as dry as possible. Pay attention particularly to any food spills on the table or elsewhere.

Use hot water with detergent and disinfectant to wash and rinse dish cloths etc. Wring out and hang to dry.

If you leave newspapers for fire lighting, or toilet paper , they must be sealed in plastic bags. Do not open bags in the storage cupboard that contain clean tea towels, spare pot mitts as they will then go mouldy. If curiosity gets the better of you then do the bag back up properly.

Put all axes, blockbuster, wedges etc. back in their storage shelf in the porch.

Pour three buckets of water into the toilet. There is a bucket under the single bunk and a tap outside on the corner of the hut.

Replace  at least as much firewood as you have used—carry from down the track and leave stacked on the pile opposite the porch entry. Don’t put wet wood on top of that drying in the woodshed.

Don’t burn plastic, foil, tins etc. rubbish in the fire.

Remove surplus ash from the fireplace ... use the galvanised bucket and fireplace shovel. Clean ash can be emptied into the creek opposite the hut. Leave some in the fireplace as this makes it easier to get a fire going.

Sweep the floor. From the jar in the Venturer box, leave a little muesli on the floor near the sink for the long tailed mice.

Have a final look round to see that everything is in its place and that nothing’s been left behind.

Close and latch the door and look forward to your next visit.

On your return home

Report any breakages, damage or other issues requiring attention.

Send positive comments on your experience. Any constructive criticism  on points within our control will be readily accepted.

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Dry all iron  and steel pots

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