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Fraser Creek Hut Guide

On behalf of 1st Queenstown Scout Group

Contact: †† Terry Reid


Phone:†† ††† 0447 765 806

Postal:†††††† 2/125 Chapel St,† Glenorchy,† Tasmania† 7010,† Australia


Fraser Creek Scout Hut is the property of the Scout Association and is managed by Terry Reid for the 1st Queenstown Scout Group.

The hut and its environs are quite fragile.† Please treat the structure and furnishings with great care.

The hutís location in a rainforest, 600 metres above sea level, in the wettest region in Tasmania -,† means that the hut demands lots of work to keep it in good condition and supplied with firewood.

The ongoing frequent theft, vandalism, abuse and misuse greatly detracts from the experience of those who next visit the hut. It also causes real frustration for those who undertake the remedial† work and carry the associated expense.

Your assistance, by following the included instructions, will be appreciated. Doing so will also add greatly to your enjoyment of the hut and its environs and to that of those who follow you.† Firewood and it's consumption is the really critical issue.

Please take the time to read this guide carefully and ensure that all adults in your group have the opportunity to do the same.

This guide includes:

 Considerations before you go

 What to take with you

 How to get there

 When you arrive

 The big issue

 Places to go

 Before you leave

 What to take home

 On your return home

The hut is registered in the name of the Scout Association.† The annual fee is paid by 1st Queenstown Scout Group. Its primary beneficiaries are organised youth groups.

Fees normally apply for overnight stays.
$30 for a group staying one night.
$50 for two or more nights.

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