Higgins Hut

The hut was built by R J (Jim) Howard's workers  in the very early 1930's.

The tramline (Wallace's Tram) was built by Dunkley Brothers, starting at Confidence Saddle in 1919 and terminating at The Junction, where there was a horse stable and a number of accommodation huts. Ruins can still be seen.

Dunkley Bros went into liquidation after George Dunkley died and eventually R.J. Howard took over  the lease after the Crown forced forfeiture.

This King Billy logging / milling operation continued until the 1940's.
The hut was actually a workshop beside the sawmill.

Next to utilise the hut was W.E. (Bill) Higgins who, with two workers, conducted a mining operation for three years at Wallace's Prospect (on the way to Moores Pimple)... all done by hand, ore carted out on a sled dragged by a draughthorse. 13 ton of ore in two and a bit years 1951-53.

Steve Berrigan, Forest Assessor, Forestry Commission, Queenstown, located the hut and did enough rough repairs to keep it standing. In 1977, Steve informed Terry Reid of it. Terry took the first Scout group there at Easter 1978.  In December, he took Roger Nichols, Scout Leader in Zeehan at the time, to inspect the hut. They decided to "spend a bit of time there with Scouts, doing it up". It turned into rather more than that!

The hut is registered in the Scout Association's name. The annual fee is paid by 1st Queenstown Scout group.

Some contributors to the hut, and tracks include:

· Queenstown & Zeehan Scouts & Venturers

· Friends & colleagues of Roger and Terry

· A Green Corps group attached to Parks & Wildlife in Queenstown

· Hobart College students under the supervision of John Burgess

· Murray Waller— windows, cupboard & timber

The majority of people visit once. Some, thankfully, fall under it's spell and return time and time again contributing to it's maintenance.

Unfortunately, the hut suffers frequent vandalism, theft, misuse and abuse. It needs to be used by people who appreciate it's uniqueness and the appeal of the open fire, forest and waterfall walks

Please read the Fraser Creek Hut Guide carefully. It outlines best practice.

Not at Fraser Creek but indicative of operations there.

Bill Higgins with one of his workers holding horse.

Queenstown Scouts,  Glen Cripps, Grant Critchton,  Anthony Coulson, Stuart Gadd, Shane Pitt and Lee Davis, on an early visit

Work party of Zeehan Scouts and Venturers, Richard Nichols, Geoff  Taffe, Paul Bantick, Karen Bye, Helen Flanagan and David Flanagan

Queenstown Scouts, Shane Pitt and Stuart Gadd preparing for work on the foundations

Zeehan Venturers, Richard Nichols and David Flanagan  carrying the water supply pipe from the car-park

Fraser Creek Scout Hut Story

Hut in Higgins days.

A froe, or shingle splitter

Winter 2015—Terry Reid