ILLW 2005 - Iron Pot AUS 095




International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend 2005
Four WICEN members, VK7s NXX Stu TPE Peter XRN Roger and Ray donned their sou'westers and headed for the Iron Pot.
Well sort of - as close as they could get without wet feet.  Accessible lighthouses are in short supply in southern Tasmania.
Cape Bruny is about it, but being in a National Park there are limitations especially with regard to overnighting.
The historic Blinking Billy at Sandy Bay was considered  but, as it sits outside a rather salubrious lounge room window,
was discounted.  Thanks go to Rod TRF for his recce trip.
The Army was initially happy to have us stay at Fort Direction where we would be as close as we could get to the Iron Pot.
However, referral to Canberra regarding us playing with RF  in their ammo dump brought a resounding NO WAY.
Maurice VK7SA a neighbour of the said ammo dump suggested another location outside the presumably RF proof fence
on the track to Hope Beach at South Arm.  Not quite at the lighthouse but as close as you can get so sort of within the guidelines.
Thus we arrived in yet another gale concerned this time about falling tree limbs.
Antennae were rigged to and between trees and accommodation establised in Peter's caravan and Roger's trailer.
The food was good and the company most enjoyable.  Unfortunately propagation was not the best and antenna opportunities
somewhat limited, so contacts were equally limited.  In all we had seventeen contacts to thirteen lighthouses and one IOTA station
on VK6 Dirk Hartog island.  So an early pack up on Sunday morning and off to the Domain for discussions and BBQ rounding off
an enjoyable weekend.  Who's for Maatsuyker next year?


Operator Contact UTC Band MHz RST
Country - LH No. Lighthouse
VK7TPE VK3WI (Jim) 0115 40m 7.075 59 59 AUS 170 Williamstown
VK7TPE VK3OWL (Coreen) 0140 40m 7.075 55 46 AUS 043 Cape Otway
VK7TPE VK4WIS (Noel) 0210 20m 14.242 59 57 AUS 253 Coloundra
VK7XRN VK3OWL (John) 0220 40m 7.065 59 59 AUS 043 Cape Otway
VK7TPE VK2BV (Raffy) 0230 40m 7.090 53 54 AUS 218 Macquarie Light
VK7XRN VK2ATZ 0253 40m 7.065 58 44 AUS 119 Norah Head
VK7TPE VI5CP (Bronte) 0305 40m 7.080 59 59 AUS 060 Corny Point
VK7NXX VK6DHI 0527 20m 14.260 59   IOTA OC206 Dirk Hartog Island
VK7XRN ZL6LH (David) 0606 20m 14.214 59 59 NZL 089 (Historic) Portland Island Museum - Wairoa
VK7TPE ZL6LH (David) 0640 20m 14.214 59 59 NZL 089 (Historic) Portland Island Museum - Wairoa
VK7NXX VI5CP 0822 80m 3.585 59 59 AUS 060 Corny Point
VK7NXX VK3KLB 0835 80m 3.575 59 59 AUS 085 Green Cape Lighthouse
VK7NXX VK3WI 0850 80m 3.570 58 59 AUS 170 Williamstown
VK7NXX VK2ATZ 1022 80m 3.592 58 59 AUS 119 Norah Head
VK7NXX VK5BWR 1030 80m 3.558 59 59 AUS 103 Lowly Point
VK7NXX VK3EG 1125 80m 3.575 59 59 AUS 133 Point Hicks
VK7NXX VK4BAR 1122 80m 3.595 58 44 AUS 130 Cleveland